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cast Tara Massey Corey Lee Pena Paul Pilsbury Joshua Caleb Dean Cain
do not grow weary

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When John Rollins, a highly respected Attorney at Law, dies, he leaves his daughter Caroline to take over his established and reputable firm. When she discovers hidden evidence from a decades-old case that would have exonerated her father’s client, she gets tangled in the never-ending battle between conviction and truth. Can she reunite Jason Garrett, the convicted and 10-year imprisoned man, with his son, Carson, and put the real criminal behind bars—despite the dangers she and her father’s reputation face? She bands together with Dillon and Ty, while the media devours the rumor mill in Caroline’s small town. Meanwhile, 14 year old Carson Garrett seeks freedom from his Grandfather’s oppressive suspicions against Jason Garrett, and goes on a quest to find the truth, and nothing but the truth, about his father.
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There is so much that goes into the making of a movie that most people aren’t familiar with. There are costs involved in having creatives actually write the story, turn it into a script, hold casting calls and hire actors, find and purchase costumes, locate venues, arrange for meals, overnight stays for actors, music composers, singers and songwriters—all before it even begins filming. Once filming has started, there are many costs associated with the actual filming, such as hiring a director(s), sound and lighting technicians, film editing, marketing, printing, merchandise to promote the film, holding fundraising events… and the list goes on.

You can play a part—a big part—by becoming a sponsor of our latest film. Or you can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation to keep the club moving forward. Merchandise will eventually become available as well: t-shirts, window clings, ornaments, etc.

JCFilms Production Club in Greenville is a 501c3 nonprofit.


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